7 basic techniques needed to seduce a woman

When it comes to seduction, some people have the chance to do things “naturally.” Yes, some men manage to seduce women without thinking about it. Good for them!

Others, on the other hand, must learn some seduction tips to have the sex and love life they deserve. There is no shame in this. In this article, I will list seven essential techniques to succeed in seduction while remaining yourself.

1. The touch

Touch is a seduction technique that must be known. It is not a question here of having the wandering hands but instead of establishing a physical contact that looks natural.

Touching a person on the shoulder or forearm when talking to her is not necessarily invasive if done well, and many studies of social psychology * have proven that it helps to be perceived more attractive and friendly.

2. Make sure the girl you are flirting feels special

Even if you are catching several girls at the same time, it is essential that everyone feels special to you. For that, you have to justify why you wanted to see her again and not all the others.

Anyway, if you do not answer that question yourself, do you expect to hear something like “you tell that to all girls?”

So, to make sure that the girl you are looking for feels special, unique in the world, you can compliment her on her behavior, on what she does or on her clothes, but especially not on what nature gave her.

The logic here is that a compliment on what a girl has chosen will have far more impact than a compliment on something that nature has given her. Understand that she did not do anything special to have beautiful green eyes. On the other hand, she made an effort to choose her outfit before going out or to leave funny replicas when she discusses with you.

3. Sexy humor

It is well known that “woman who laughs half in your bed.” But the truth is that there are different types of humor and sometimes, “laughing woman considers you only as a friend or does not care about your mouth.”

To make a woman laugh while making the jester, for example, it hardly ever works. By cons, there is a type of sexy humor, which usually has a small effect.

What do you think James Bond, Chuck Bass, Damon Salvatore, Hank Moody, and Serge Gainsbourg have in common (non-exhaustive list)? In addition to an entirely confident and relaxed body language, they are a little provocative, cynical, and manage to sexualize their conversations through humor.

Unusual humor, certainly cheeky, but found in the majority of the greatest seducers. Hazard? I do not believe it.

4. The look

Most men who have difficulty in seduction do not use their eyes well. This sentence may sound weird, so I will expand.

It is well known that a fleeting glance communicates weakness or deceit. That’s why we often read on the Internet advice that you have to look women in the eye.

But what if you stared at a woman all the time? She might find it odd or even think of you as a psychopath. So you have to find a precise balance by looking at the girl 90% of the time when you talk and look elsewhere from time to time.

We can also afford to look a little more often when she is speaking but be careful; she should not think that you do not listen.

Mastering one’s eyes is difficult for those who are not born seductive, I understand, but that seems to me to be essential since it is one of the main vectors of sexual tension.

5. Respect a woman

We must not accept the status of a “starving” man who must do anything and everything to win the favor of women. You must understand that you are a man of value and therefore you must respect yourself.

When our state of mind changes (I went through it) and we become aware of our value, then something magical happens: others respect us more.

However, women are attracted to men who are or who know how to be respected and do not put them on a pedestal. Without becoming megalomaniac, hold yourself in high esteem and do not idealize all women, they are above all human beings like us, with their qualities and their faults!

6. Have a nerve

To have some nerve and to provoke your luck is an attitude that will allow you to enjoy delicious adventures. Leave your home, approach women, try things (while remaining respectful and within the limits of the law, of course)!

The most beautiful adventures take place out of our comfort zone, and luck smiles at the audacious ones. And even if it does not work with this girl or that night, do not admit to being defeated! Perseverance pays, mainly because we learn from our mistakes.

7. Assume the seduction game


What would a sane bachelor not try to flirt with a pretty smart-eyed girl? Some men are ashamed of their sexual desires and hide them from women. But that’s a mistake: to the extent that you are a man, a real one, she hopes you will be sexual.

I see too many men trying to pretend not to think about sex to try to be “good dudes.” But women, I remind you, are above all human beings with desires, too. And it’s not because you think of sex that you are an obsessed or stalker.

Ah, and finally, I remember that trying to put you in his friendzone to get closer to her and then try to seduce her is a horrible idea! Thousands of men have broken their teeth with this technique before you. I know it makes sense, but you have to position yourself first and foremost in the eyes of women whom you approach as a lover and not as a friend.

The techniques to get out of the friend zone are complicated to set up and do not always work, far from it.