5 Must-Try Breakfast Dishes While You Are in Medan

Having breakfast in the morning is a must. If you are in Medan, the city has vast options for breakfast menu that you can try. Here are 5 must-try breakfast dishes while you are in Medan.  

Bakmi Hock Seng

Operating since 1932, Bakmi Hock Seng was consistent with their flavor and is not stingy with the components. With generous toppings and delicious noodles, it’s no wonder they’re still one of the natives’ penchant for breakfast!

Bakmi Shanghai

Said to have been educated by a Chef coming directly from Shanghai, the owner of Bakmi Shanghai produced his noodles fresh every single day. Not chewy and smooth since Bakmi Khek, this noodle shop could become your breakfast option for a mild taste.

Bihun Bebek Akien

Bihun (or Beehoon) is a kind of noodle that is made of rice flour and is typically very thin and when cooked, almost translucent in color. It’s a hearty meal which most folks deemed to have nutritional value. At Bihun Bebek Akien, you can find two types of Bihun Bebek: the dry version and the wet version. If you don’t prefer the soupy ones, choose the dry one, You don’t have to worry about the taste because the Bihun itself has been blend with sesame oil, making it fragrant enough.

Bihun Bebek Asie Kumango

There are two ways to make Beehoon Duck soup. The first one is using just the duck meat to in the soup, and the second one is inserting herbal combination into the broth. More stalls utilize herbal mix because 1) it is less costly and 2) Duck has a gamey odor that is not easy to eliminate. Bihun Bebek Asie Kumango is famous for using duck meat only to produce their broth. Can you imagine how rich their soup is? The high price is worth it once you taste it.

Kari Bihun Tabona

To say Kari Bihun Tabona possesses the best curry stall in Medan isn’t an overstatement. Known also as one of the very legendaries stall in Medan — that is a location you can’t miss!

An equilibrium ratio of the ingredients produces a perfect curry — maybe not too watery or oily yet not overly creamy as most curries. To get a bowl of heavenly perfection, then you probably ought to go a little ancient.

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