4 Innovative Logistics and Transportation Startups at Tech in Asia Singapore 2018

Logistics remains one of the most daunting challenges of ecommerce companies in Southeast Asia. While it is true that Singapore, China, India and the Philippines as well as Vietnam have made significant progress, upgrading logistics infrastructure and resources, but there is still a long way to go. Southeast Asia continues to have outdated and almost archaic processes at customs. Most countries have complicated systems that are near impossible for some companies to navigate. The only breather and hope for ecommerce players is innovative technologies.

The 2018 edition of Tech in Asia Singapore hosted five thousand people including investors, entrepreneurs, media professionals and others where several innovative startups tried to showcase their game changing solutions. Four of these innovative logistics and transportation startups managed to garner the most attention.

  • Fetch Me is a delivery service that allows consumers or businesses to buy a plethora of goods from brands or companies they choose and the purchased products can be delivered at their chosen address, at any point in time and anywhere on the island. Buyers can actually explore anything that they need and use a fleet of delivery personnel who are being called fetchers. The platform ensures enough fetchers are available twenty four hours a day and seven days a week. The whole system is automated. There is no human intervention in the virtual system. You can select the items you want to buy, provide the details or have them saved, pay and get the goods delivered. There is no need to schedule or make advance purchases. Fetch Me is not the first to try this concept. Such services are already available in India and other countries and they have been quite a hit.
  • Shiplyst is an aggregator. It is an online marketplace for ocean freight procurement. Companies can compare quotes from various vendors and they can do so anytime and from anywhere. The platform facilitates transparent pricing and there is real time tracking. Shiplyst assures secured communication and impeccable data privacy. The startup aims to simplify end to end shipping.
  • Skyfy or Skyfy Technology, a started launched in 2013, has a solution for logistics and transportation companies, including delivery services. The platform allows you to monitor fleets of vehicles with a bird’s eye view. You can track the present route of every vehicle in your fleet. You can map future routes. You can also assess past routes and improve your strategy. Skyfy is aiming for simplification of complicated logistical processes. By getting down to the minutest detail and assessing every route on the basis of time, preceding and subsequent deliveries among other data, a company can actually cut down on under utilization and even eliminate it. Skyfy can exponentially increase the efficiency of logistics. The platform can help companies increase sales, be more cost effective to run the same operation and to enhance productivity.
  • u-Hop is bringing ride sharing to Philippines. The country has a chronic transportation problem. With u-Hop, people can find a taxi, hail it, pay for the ride and also share their feedback. Everything can be done within an app. This is similar to cab hailing and sharing apps presently in use across many countries around the world.

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