3 Ways LIMS Can Speed Up and Improve Your Laboratory Work

From being shuttered away in forgotten basements to becoming revenue-generating machines, medical labs have increased their notoriety by adopting practices that have improved efficiency and reduced costs. The pressure for evidence-based medication is at an all-time high, and labs that utilize Laboratory Information Management Systems, or LIMS, cannot only meet the demand but quickly adapt to new industry policies and incorporate data with ease.

LIMS is an automation software used to streamline lab information and management. There are many laboratory information management system advantages that have been recorded. Previous labs have experienced a 50% rise in productivity and a 30% gain in resources as a result of going paperless. Its implementation provides many benefits that can power your enterprise. Depending on the needs of your lab, here are three main advantages LIMS can provide.

Save Time and Improve Efficiency

A major laboratory information management system advantage is the ability to improve efficiency. Automate routine tasks and processes such as authorizing reports to speed up workflows. By entering data once, LIMS creates reports depending on the needs of the project and aggregates large sets of data from multiple sites. No more waiting weeks for data from another site or system. This highly reliable and secure software supports customized workflows and integration with other systems. Automation also eliminates human error or redundant text, cleaning up the output of lab reports.

Increase Revenue and Time to Market

Time is of the essence, and with LIMS, a medical lab can provide a faster turnaround time due to the improvement of workflows. Increasing production efforts by minimizing capital investment is a major benefit as it reduces the time-to-market. There are less downtime and an increased level of access to data. LIMs can also adapt and expand with the growing needs of the lab providing a structured and easy-to-follow format.

Streamline Quality Control Checks

Product safety and compliance vary by industry. With LIMS, a lab can abide by different regulations with real-time monitoring and quality control. Samples can be prepared, logged and checked against protocols to ensure compliance. Specimens that do not meet the requirements can be flagged and automatically reported. With automated reports and easy access to information, the level of quality increases, leading to improved patient safety as the business grows.

These are just some of the laboratory information management system advantages available. Used correctly, LIMS can become the backbone of any medical lab, improving workflows, boosting revenue and adhering to industry policies. Powering your business with this essential tool can ensure that your laboratory continues to produce great results while maintaining the ability to scale.