11 Fabulous Venues for Sardinia Yacht Charters

I have been in so many Italian cities, I feel more like the returning hero than a tourist, even if visiting a new one.  Rome, Pisa, Naples and Florence all have their charms that I can never forget. However, Sardinia Yacht Charters are the trips I find myself returning to again and again in my mind. I relate them to friends and neighbors over a glass of Italian red wine and dream of getting out on a boat with the Mediterranean breeze blowing through my hair.


Located just south of Corsica lies the stunning island of Sardinia. When you go there, you feel like you’re on a tropical holiday but the Italian island doesn’t disappoint cosmopolitan visitors or foodies either. Only Sicily is larger than this jewel of the Mediterranean, but Sardinia is even bigger than Cyprus.

Top Spots

Here are some must-see spots I’ve either visited or slated for my next Sardinia Yacht Charters

1. Peninsula of Sinis has stunning beaches that are clear and beautiful and perfect for a summer getaway.

  1. Costa Verde. More deserts than other options, but lovely sandy beaches all year long.
  2. Costa Smeralda: Luxurious part of Sardinia where a yachter feels at home, near Porto Cervo.
  3. Gulf of Asinara: This will be one of the more relaxed ports of call on your charter. All boat lovers need to make it here to see the sights and find out about the city’s history on the seas.
  4. Ogliastra: has beaches and mountains that you can ask for. This is a great excursion or day trip option.
  5. Villasimius and Costa Rei: This stunning coast is a place people use to relax and take in the sites. White beaches and crystal water helps you make the most of a day of shore leave.
  6. Gulf of Olbia and San Teodoro: This spot inspires artists and creative spirits to feast on the sweeping landscapes. The open spaces stretch out, punctuated by the distant mountains.  You’ll need your camera close by.
  7. Golfo degli Angeli: Explore the sea caves and snorkel in this pristine spot.
  8. Riviera del Corallo: The name is derived from the red coral found here and used to make trinkets. Pop in here for the ultimate Sardinian souvenir.
  9. Barbagia: This is a rustic venue that many explorers write about in their travel journals.
  10. La Maddalena Archipelago: Punta Nord is a great place to end a Sardinia Yacht Charter. You can find it at the tip of Sardinia, which has unrivaled vistas to launch our imagination. This is a must-do for photography lovers who want to capture the unique sole of a Mediterranean island.