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OK Options offers you innovative and the most advanced Social Trading platform available today. We work to make binary options trading easy and safe for newbies and those who want to share their manual trading risks with professional traders and diversify their profit.



Choose among talented and successful binary options traders and replicate their trades for FREE by following them within your account. This is especially beneficial for those who are new on the financial markets as it enables them to minimize the risks associated with being inexperience and gives them the chance to start investing successfully from the very beginning. Experienced traders on the other hand can optimize their trading methods and improve their results by monitoring the activities of their colleagues.


binary options Social trading


Once you have selected the traders you want to copy, you need to choose the amount to invest. You need to invest a specific amount to copy a trader.

How to Start Binary Options Social Trading?

If you want to follow any of the traders, just go to the Social Trading tab, choose the trader to your taste, set investment limit and investment per trade, click “Follow” and start making money with no efforts!

Of course, there’s a small fee for this service, but don’t worry: nobody will be charged anything for the invested sum, only for the profit that was made. The commission for social trading is the following:

  • Investments under $2000 - 20%
  • Investments of $2000-4999 - 15%
  • Investments of $5000-9999 - 10%
  • Investments over $10000 - 5%