Get $50 for free and turn it into your $100!


This promotion is available for all new OK-options clients.

Valid till December, 31, 2016.

To get $100 on your account balance you need to turn over $50 50 times within 36 hours ($50x50= 2500).The trading volume goes down to 30 times turn over in case of $15 investment ($50x30= 1500).

Please, check the examples:

1) You have reached  the trading volume of 2500 and you have $320 at your account balance. In this case $220 is deducted ($320 - $100 = $220) and you have your $100 left accessible for the withdrawal.

2) You have done the trading volume of 1800 and you have $120 at your account balance. In this case you have not fulfilled the Promotion Terms, but you get $50 as bonus available for trading once you have made your deposit.

3) You had deposited $15 and fulfilled the Promotion Terms of turning $50 for 30 times ($50x30= 1500) and you have $95 at your account balance. Here we gladly enhance it to $100 which is accessible for withdrawing or further trading.

4) You deposited $15 and did not reach the trading volume: we give you the bonus of $50 and you are able to proceed your trades.

To activate your trading account, you need to send us a copy of your identity document (passport or driving license) and verify your credit card (to make a conditional payment of $ 1) for profit withdrawal and confirmation of the age of majority.