Letter from CEO

With 2015 behind us, I want to take this opportunity to send out a genuine “Thank You” to all our traders, partners, vendors, team members, friends and family of OK-Options. Without all of you we would not be where we are today, doing what we love. And more importantly, we would not have the opportunity to help people and businesses make more money doing what they love.

Being able to boast a client base of over 20, 000 active traders gives us an amazing sense of accomplishment. Thank you for choosing us as your trading partner, thank you for your loyalty and especially your feedback.

To our traders

Every new account, new project or new development within our company is tied to one of you in one way or another. Your partnership has been monumental to our growth. Knowing that we have partners available to support our business in the most professional manner is extremely assuring for us. We are looking forward to starting new 2016 together. Although we may not have formal relationships with each of you, we see every trader as our true partner. 

To our team

You all run the ship, day in and day out, and there is no one more important to OK-Options than the people that make it what it is. Each new day presents an exciting opportunity or challenge and there is nothing insurmountable to you as a team. There are no doubts that our company will continue to flourish through 2016 and we are looking forward to a wonderful year ahead, as we have a professional team in place, loyal customers and some of the best partners and vendors to help us along the way. Thank you for the hard work, new ideas and dedication to the company success.  

This coming year will be all about providing the best service possible and producing the most cost effective investment plans for each one of our customers. Some of the main ways to meet these goals will include:

•    A revamped product and service line for our customers so we can continue delivering the best results possible

•    New partnerships to help us better serve our existing customers and attract new traders

•    Continuous development and improvement of educational materials such as video tutorials, trading strategies, e-books, live analyst one on one support and trading webinars 

•    Team building and internal quality assurance control.


We’re ready to make a difference for every trader who chooses OK Options!


Thank you!