Just Another Service Fee for Rental Property Owners or Worth the Cost?

In 2018, life is busier than ever, and even busier for rental property owners. Owners of apartment buildings, condominiums, town-homes, and other rental properties have much to keep up with from property up-keep to collecting rent and taking care of concerns and problems renters may have. Many rental property owners today will opt for letting a property management company run and take care of all the tasks and responsibilities of the rental property. This is where something like an apartment answering service can come in.

Typically, property management services charge 10% of the total monthly income of the rental property, but this monthly fee does not cover extra services such as listing empty rentals, collecting late payments, etc. Some property owners may not want a company managing the entire operation of their rental property, due to cost, but could however, benefit from a service such as an apartment answering service. An apartment answering service can allow rental property owners flexibility in their daily life by being the first line of customer service that renters would call with questions, concerns, or problems.

One major benefit of apartment answering services is that the service is available to renters 24/7 and on holidays. Rental owners could have less stress in their personal lives by taking advantage of this service. It would allow rental owners more freedom on a daily basis as they would not have to be available by phone to their renters. Tenants may have problems that arise out of normal business hours and holidays are no exception. Having an answering service available at all times would appease tenants. It would allow them the comfort of knowing that their problems are important and someone will always be available to address their concerns.

Apartment answering services are typically staffed with highly-trained individuals who are capable of addressing and finding solutions to many issues that renters may face. There are also customer service representatives who are bilingual which can also be helpful to a property owner if the property owner does not speak the same language as one or some of their tenants. Unlike property management services which charge a standard fee across the board for their services, the cost of the answering service varies and is able to be customized to fit within a property owner’s specific budget. Most answering services also offer free trials before an owner makes their final decision to utilize the services. A free trial would allow the property owner to not only experience the quality of the company, but to also get a feel for how much support the property owner feels his or her property is in need of. Like any other business owner, rental property owners look to be efficient with their time and money, but also to provide high-quality service to keep their units filled.